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5 Hand Creams... to Have on Hand

My Cherrie-pick, of the very best hand creams, and where to place them around your home, so you can't help but indulge.

I always advise people to apply hand cream after every hand wash. That might sound easier said than done but, a strategically-placed, irresistible potion for your palms is exactly how you do it...

1. The Morning Hand Cream

Crabtree & Evelyn Citron & Coriander Hand Therapy

‘Richly nourishing and uplifting’

ENRICHED WITH: Shea Butter, Lemon Leaf, Honey and Coriander

THE SCENT: Citrus, sweet and peppery

WHERE TO PLACE: In your bathroom because it’s revitalising aroma is a great start to the day.

PRICE: £18 - 250ml

I keep Crabtree & Evelyn’s Citron in my own bathroom because it perfectly complements my Verbena hand wash.

It’s very rich and nourishing, yet leaves a kind of clean, matte finish on the skin.

It also cleared up my recurring Dermatitus, which used to keep flaring up on my right hand for years.

2. The Hard-Working Hand Cream

Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm

‘Nourishing with a grease-less finish’

ENRICHED WITH: Mandarin Rind, Rosemary Leaf and Cedar Atlas

THE SCENT: Citrus, woody and herbaceous

WHERE TO PLACE: In Your Kitchen because it’s good for hard-working hands.

PRICE: £70 - 500ml

The scent of this balm literally sends me balmy, it’s out of this world! It may be on the expensive side but it really is worth every penny.

Even with regular use, the large pump size lasts all year. I keep a smaller pot in my session kit.

I think of it as a real treat for hard-working hands. I use it on male models and they love it too.

3. The Chic Hand Cream

Chanel Le Créme Main

‘Intense hydration and strengthened nails’

ENRICHED WITH: May Rose Wax and Iris Pallida Extract

THE SCENT: Delicate floral

WHERE TO PLACE: In your bag because it’s elegant egg-like packaging is compact, as well as chic

PRICE: £45 - 50ml

Is it a pebble? Is it an egg? No, it’s Chanel’s most Instagramable hand cream! Whether you're shopping, lunching or partying, this is the hand cream to be seen out with.

Le Créme Main is also perfect for my kit. It’s lightweight, delicately scented and leaves a super-fine sheen on the skin, which looks great on camera.

I can also keep it in my pocket for a quick hydration boost on set. Everyone is always fascinated by the shape. It frequently gets tried and tested by the rest of the glam team.

4. The Daytime Hand Cream

Neal’s Yard Remedies Garden Mint & Bergamot Hand Lotion

‘Conditions hands with precious essential oils’

ENRICHED WITH: Shea Nut Butter, Jojoba and Evening Primrose Oil

THE SCENT: Fresh and minty

WHERE TO PLACE: In your lounge because the stylish, blue glass pump-bottle will impress guests and the incredible value will allow for generous usage.

PRICE: £13 - 200ml

I actually keep this to hand in my nail studio (amongst all the other brands), rather than my lounge. It's where I spend most of my time (when I'm not shooting) and I find it quick and easy to use when I’m working from home.

It’s excellent value for the size and the indigo-blue bottle looks beautiful. The sweet, minty scent is clean and refreshing, I just love it.

5. The Bedtime Hand Cream

Aveda Shampure Hand Relief Moisturising Crème

‘Seals in softness through three hand washes’

ENRICHED WITH: Andiroba Oil, 25 pure flower and plant essences

THE SCENT: Aromatic floral

WHERE TO PLACE: On your bedside table because the scent is so comforting and calming.

PRICE: £19.50 - 125ml

Aveda is one of my absolute favourite beauty brands of all time because it's pure and natural. The Shampure Aroma is so dreamy and relaxing, which is why I like to keep it by my bedside.

I also use the Aveda hair care in the same scent. It’s hypnotic, I’m totally obsessed with it.

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